What Is L-Carnitine and What Does It Do?

L-Carnitine amino acid is an important substance that affects not only fat burning but also many factors in the body. Carnitine, which plays a very important role in the energy mechanism, is necessary for every person.

L-Carnitine is one of the substances naturally produced in the body. It takes its place in our body as an active structure that plays a role in energy metabolism and production. L-Carnitine is a substance that can be produced by the human body, but can also be taken into the body with supplements from the outside. It can be found in foods containing protein or taken with food supplements. Those in the form of supplements can be taken in liquid and capsule-tablet forms.

Although many people use L-Carnitine as a fat burner to lose weight quickly and accelerate fat burning, carnitine is not just a fat-burning product. Among the pluses, it also contributes to the brain working mechanism in some people, provides resistance to muscle damage, and increases endurance.

Because the use and production of L-Carnitine play an important role in the human energy mechanism, many athletes turn to this extra product to increase their endurance and athletic performance.

What Are the Benefits of L-Carnitine?

They enable the body to use fats as energy. Thus, they support fat burning.
As it will contribute to high ATP production during exercise, there is less feeling of fatigue.
Balances blood sugar. L-Carnitine, consumed together with carbohydrates, balances glucose in the blood and prevents blood sugar from rising.
It maintains the health of the muscles. It helps to produce muscle cells faster.
L-Carnitine, which accelerates blood flow, supports the release of energy. It helps you exercise without feeling tired.

L-Carnitine Deficiency

L-Carnitine deficiency does not only cause fat burning but can also lead to serious problems such as muscle wasting and liver problems. Carnitine amino acid, which is known to accelerate fat burning during sports, accelerates blood flow and ensures that more hormones are transported to the muscles. Thus, both muscle gain and fat burning are provided together. It accelerates the recycling of sports activities. If the carnitine amino acid cannot be produced enough in our body, fat burning will become that difficult and impossible. For this reason, the level of carnitine is very important and should not be ignored.

Taurin in the content of the product;

Physical strengthening occurs in muscle structures.
It reduces forgetfulness.
It provides the integration of blood vessels.
Balances cholesterol.
It increases bone development. It plays an important role in the repair of fractures.
It improves brain functions.
When taken as a supplement, it provides an increase in performance before training.
It provides strength to muscle structures.

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